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In february 2012 I left an employed in order to work as a freelancer, with the presumptuous aim to establish a job reality where finding personal satisfaction.

Since more than ten years working in information technology turning a passion into a profession. This allows me to transfer the dedication of a hobby to my job.
The aim is taking advantage of the experience accumulated over the years and put it at the customer service.

I gained technical and managerial experience working and overseeing both internal and customer projects. My maximum experience is in creation of products for managing business and institutional processes. Starting from customer needs I am able to retrieve the necessary information to implement the most suitable solution

Be about in most cases of products web oriented I passionate at the tecnologie of front-end to use in the presentation layer.
I like to explore new technologies and figure out if and when they will be useful to me.


What's Inside

All the services available to customers.

Web Development

Programming and development of professional websites with the programming languages ​​most modern and functional, using where necessary framework and custom libraries that help to reduce time and cost of production while maintaining the high quality of the project.


Developing Applications with catalogs, shopping carts, online booking, platforms for sale online, custom tailored web-based applications. Virtual Shop feature-rich and user-to attract and retain its customers.

Digital Strategy

Support on creation of quality content, optimization SEO on and off page, SEM, social media marketing and constant monitoring to find out what is not working and fix it.


Dynamic website easily manageable by the customer without having to constantly refer to my technical structure. Through an administrative interface, you can manage and update freely in a simple and rapid content of your site.


It is not always possible to have all the skills within the team, then it becomes useful outside help can often make the difference on projects articulated. Specific help for a limited time can take off your project without burdening the budget in the long period.

Businenss Management

The integration of processes, information and systems is one of the areas where the company can now get a huge added value in terms of efficiency and operational effectiveness, through my experience with the customer analyze such processes integrate and how to integrate them.


Meet The Team

A close-knit team that works to find the best solution. In addition to our expertise where it is needed, we use the experience of other professionals with the same passion code.

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